Change is Just Change

In the last 6 months our family has experienced some major changes. Most of them could be considered bad changes. Especially with the changes that surround Cade’s diagnosis.

I have decided that while I can’t count these changes as good changes that maybe I won’t consider them to be bad changes. Sometimes change can just be change.

I am starting to notice more change with Cade. This year at Christmas it is becoming more apparent that we will have to watch how much we decide to get involved in. We have been pretty busy the past week and it is starting to show.

On Monday morning when I went in to wake Cade, before I even got to his bed, he was already telling me “no”. He said he needed more sleep. I’ve noticed him struggling with things more this week also.

He has even had a few more falls. This puts me on high alert and into protective mode. I wish we could just snuggle up on the couch for about a week.

But the one thing I also noticed this week was his adjustments and attitude towards these changes. He didn’t get overwhelmed with his falls. He was embarrassed but still managed to reign it in. He seems to want to stay home more which makes it easier when deciding we can’t do as much as we have in the past.

To him, this change is just change. It is good or bad but it just is. Sometimes I look at him and have a hard time holding back my tears. This boy is facing so much yet he just keeps moving forward and dealing with one thing at a time.

So that is what I am going to use as my example. I will just deal with one thing at a time. Somehow I will work on shutting down all the “what if’s” and the future plans.

And above all I need to remember that God’s timing is perfect. Everything that we need will be revealed to us in His timing. I need to stand back and let Him have this.

Blessings. Lynnette

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