I Can and I Will

I rewatched an episode of Fixer Upper where they team up with the Tim Tebow Foundation and fix a house to be handicap accessible for the two boys who will live there. I was watching some HGTV for inspiration for the building of the chicken coop.

Today was the day we were going to get the nesting boxes installed. My focus right now has been on how to make things easier for Cade to do. While that still needs to be my focus I have realized that Cade just needs to focus on doing the things he wants to do.

And then I watched the episode of Fixer Upper. Those boys say “I can and I will” when attempting all things. And while I get nervous for Cade, I need to remember to stand back and let his determination kick in and watch him accomplish his task at hand.

While he will never be able to do things the way that other kids do, he will be able to accomplish them. While I need to be ready to help modify tasks for him I also need to learn to not take charge. I need to follow his lead and help only when needed.

The coop though will need me to think some of these things out. Luckily, Cade just wants the chickens! He doesn’t care about the design of the coop. So I can do what we need to do in order for him to enjoy his chickens for years to come.

So with a little help and a lot of “I can and I will” attitude we got the nesting boxes made and installed so that Cade can collect eggs without the worry of getting tripped up by a chicken.

We are also starting the raised garden too. We have a dirt pile in the backyard and almost all the supplies bought too. Many projects but for Cade these items mean freedom.

I’m just glad there have been a few nice days so we can work on these projects!!

Blessings. Lynnette

2 thoughts on “I Can and I Will

  1. I love your blogs Lynnette. You are a good, thoughtful writer and I learn things each time. It’s also a way to keep in touch with what’s happening with you and your family since Jo and I are not working together anymore. Wanted to let you know too that I have some heat lamps I need to get rid of. Can you use some for the chickens or other critters?


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