What Will We Do Next Week?

Today concluded birthday week for Cade. We had his friend birthday party today.

When I first began asking Cade what he wanted to do for his friend party, I was horrified to hear that he wanted to have his party outside at our house…and play football!! I tried to change his mind with other ideas. I offered a pool party even. All of these things were turned down.

I waited for a while before I sent out the invites, just in case I could get him to change his mind. No such luck though. He wanted his friends to come to our house and play football. And all I could think was why would you want to play something where you are so obviously different from your friends?

It was a complete mystery to me why he would want to play football for his party. I was a nervous wreck about it. I sent out the invites anyway with the information that Cade was wanting to play football.

And then today came and his friends began to show up. And I now know that my nervousness was unfounded. I watched the kids embrace Cade’s differences in ways that seem so impossible at times.

These kids are amazing and kind. They let Cade lead some of the plays. They followed him around when he became too tired to play the game for a bit. They picked him up when he fell down, which he did several times.

They even scolded Cole for being to rough with Cade when they were playing football! Case was supposed to be able to score a touchdown and Cole tagged him. They promptly told Cole to be nice.

I know that now matter what happens, these kids have Cade’s back. And for that I will be forever grateful. For that and my ability not to sob while watching this unfold before me!

Blessings. Lynnette

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