Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I pray that you all are enjoying this day. It’s plenty snowy here but it reminds me of the fact that Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection made me as white as snow.

And then I came to a problem. I realized that I have been committing a sin over and over in the last 9 months. I have been coveting.

No I am not wishing I had someone else’s home…or car…or anything of anyone else’s really. I think that’s why the realization of this sin hit me so hard. I didn’t even know I was doing it.

And that’s because I was coveting my own life from one year ago. I have really been wanting to go back to the way things were….before DMD. And I think that is why it has hit me so hard.

See, I prepare and lead Sunrise Service for our church. And one thing I really Love about our service is that we go up on a hill in the pasture that someone lovingly placed a cross upon many years ago. I love being out there and watching the sun rise with a new perspective every year.

But this year, the forecast called for snow. Which means that going up on the hill was in jeopardy. Which meant that my favorite thing about Sunrise Service was not going to happen this year.

And I became out of sorts about it. Because not only was my favorite part of Sunrise Service not going to happen but also that everything this Easter would be different because of DMD. And then I realized how much I had been coveting the old normal.

I longed for the old days when there wasn’t snow on the ground on Easter. I longed for the old days when I didn’t have to worry about how DMD would play into the current activity. And then it hit me when I was discussing our clean slate because of Jesus that I needed to let go.

And let me tell you, when you are leading the service and that realization hits you, it is overwhelming. So now along with my focus to make Cade as independent as possible, I need to be more intentional about letting go of the old normal completely and embracing the new normal.

Happy Easter from our family to all of you.

Blessings. Lynnette

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