The Big Trip

The time for our Make-a-Wish trip was finally here. Still recovering from fair, we made our way east to Omaha. First of all, I need to tell you all again how wonderful an organization that Make-A-Wish is. When they say they want to give you some time to just be a normal family, they really mean it. Not once during our trip did I worry about doctor appointments, therapy appointments or any other treatment related thing.

The experience in Alaska left me completely in awe! The beautiful scenery would have been enough. But then it came to Cade’s wish day. And I was overwhelmed.

We found out that we would be taken to the original homestead and get to tour that along with a tour of Eve’s garden. We got to talk to a lot of the members of the family. We even shared our homesteading history with Otto! Cade was in love with that much of it already but there was more.

We then got to go fishing with Eivin on his boat!! Cade was so excited by all the news that he had to shut the doors to the car and let out a little squeal.

I found it another blessing to learn how honored they felt to have Cade pick them to visit as his wish. As much effort as Make-A-Wish went through to make our trip memorable, the crew from Discovery and the show also went to great lengths. I couldn’t believe that we were able to do as much as we were with them!

We also enjoyed some other activities while in Alaska. We rode the Sky Tram at Alyeska. It was fun to look all around at the top. We also visited the Wildlife Conservation Center. We were able to see the wildlife up close without being in a zoo. These animals were rescued from the wild when they would not have been able to survive.

We will have our fish at our house tomorrow. It was being shipped directly to our house from Homer. A perfect souvenir to bring home! We could not have had a better experience. I would move to Alaska if Brent would go with me.

Blessings. Lynnette

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