Sweet Corn

We got home from Alaska and jumped right back into country life. Sweet corn was ready and it was time to freeze some for the year. It’s always a long, hard job, but one that is so rewarding.

Cole and Brent went and picked a couple hundred ears of corn (179 according to Cole). That is a job enough, but that is only the first step.


The next step is to “shuck” the corn. Brent and Cole do this step along with a little help from Cade. However, this year Cade chose to help by playing with his cats that he missed terribly while we were gone.

After Brent and Cole get their shucking job done, the corn is then passed off to me to clean the rest of the silks off with a brush and water. It was cooler today so instead of my flip flops I chose to wear my rubber boots.

And I so wish this would be the end of the process but we haven’t even got to the middle yet!! Next comes the cooking which is probably the most precise thing I cook or bake. We throw the corn in the boiling water and wait for it to come back to a boil and then cook it for 7 minutes. We set a timer even!!

We have decided after several years of doing this that outside is the best place for all of this to occur. We have tried various steps inside the house and it just does not work out as well.

Once the timer goes off, the corn comes out of the boiling water and into a tub of cold water. We put a hose running a trickle of water into a cooler and use that as our tub of cold water.

And we have finally made it half way through the process!! Now it is on to taking the corn off the cob and putting it in bags. Our set up looks like this.

Brent and I do this part of the job for 2 reasons. Number 1 is that this part requires some measure of neatness. The second is that the boys have lost interest in helping us by this time. Brent removes the corn from the cob while I bag it and seal it and put it in the freezer.

This is the method we use to remove the corn. It goes pretty fast. Once you get a few done and find your rhythm you can really pick up speed!

At least that task is now done. I think I am making pickles tomorrow. We had several cucumbers ready to be picked when we got home. I wasn’t too fond of the recipe I made last year so I am trying a new one this year. Such is life on the farm at this time of year! We will enjoy it all later this winter though.

Blessings. Lynnette

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