More Changes Coming

It seems like the only constant thing we have come across in the last year and a half is that with DMD, nothing is ever the same. Our lives have been plagued with change after change as we adjust to what Cade’s diagnosis means for him and us. Even things such as bedtime have been altered to best meet Cade’s needs.

And now we are adding one more change to our weeknight line up of activities. Cade will not be doing T and T (part of the AWANA program) this year. And it is not because he does not enjoy the program. It is because he needs to save all the energy he can.

I have noticed this year that it is beneficial that Cole has football practice after school. Cade uses that time to rest now instead of playing so hard that he completely exhausts himself. I am glad that he is taking the time to rest and it has also been nice for me to just relax with him and talk to him about his day.

Anyone that has spent any time around Cade knows that for him to not go outside and be with his animals after he spent the whole day away from him is a huge deal. And so we are trying to take notice of those things and figure out the best way to schedule Cade with activities. This is a big change from last year.

While Cade is resting more though to better regulate which activities he can participate in, I, however, have no shortage of things to do. The garden is providing plenty of items to add to my to do list these days.

Tonight was one of those days. Cade had picked some apples yesterday for us to make applesauce. My boys absolutely LOVE homemade applesauce. Last year I couldn’t can it as fast as they were eating it! So tonight I made 6 pints of plain applesauce and 3 pints of cinnamon applesauce. And I didn’t even get through half of the apples! But I do have to admit that there is not much better than freshly made homemade applesauce!

Next week we are back in Denver for clinic for Cade. We will actually have his clinic day on September 7 which is Duchenne Awareness Day. We are asking that everyone wear their Cade’s Journey shirts or caps or the color green that represents muscular dystrophy awareness. We would love to see all the pictures in support of Cade.

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “More Changes Coming

  1. Lynette. If you’ll share how you make your applesauce and bring the apples to me I will help you with this task. I’ve canned for 45 years. Bring jars as I’ve given away most that I had.
    I gave an apple peeler/corer so it’s a fast job for me. Please let me do this one thing for you,
    Jenny Raymond


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