Fall Break with Fall Farm Chores

Today the boys were home from school for fall break. Since we live on a farm, there are plenty of chores to be done so fall break equals helping with fall chores.

Cade woke up early this morning to go with Brent. They had plenty of chores to be done. They went to the pasture to check on the cows. Since harvest has been delayed by weather, the cows haven’t been brought back home to stalks yet. Cade loves being able to hand feed cake cubes to the cows.

Then after that it was time to jump in the tractor and bring hay bales over to the feed mixing area so they are ready to be ground for when we bring the cows in from pasture.

Modern tractors allow Cade to have a seat too while riding with Brent. We still have to boost Cade to get him in the tractor though.

I did some work in the greenhouse today too while Cade was working with Brent. We are attempting to sprout oats for our chickens to have something green to eat during the winter. I am also looking at maybe getting some barley, rye, or wheat too.

Then on the other work table I planted some cold hardy lettuce so we can have some lettuce this winter too. We are enjoying having this warm work area. Brent is going to build some shelves for the other side of the greenhouse this winter so we will have somewhere to put trays of seeds when we need to get those started for the garden.

I also brought the raspberries and blackberries into the greenhouse for the winter. We are growing them in “pots” that we have an abundance of here so they are a little more intolerant of the cold because of this. I also need to get them trellised this winter so I now have somewhere warm to work on that.

Then Cade went to help clean pens over at the corrals to get them ready for the cows to come home. He got to help by driving the skid steer under Brent’s watchful eye.

And tomorrow Cade will get to do the thing he probably loves the most, harvest. I’m sure it will be a great day for him.

I will be getting ready for our church’s annual dinner on Sunday. I have plans for baking and if all works out right I will also get the leaves mowed up off the yard. Hope to see all of the locals enjoying some delicious food on Sunday.

Blessings. Lynnette

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