Winter Projects

We have been doing quite nicely with our chickens and garden.  The garden has now come to an end and the poor chickens are molting so egg production has slowed down for a bit which led me to start thinking about the next projects we can do with Cade.

Last winter we had more snow than we have had for a long time.  Cade really struggled with being stuck inside the house.  We have the greenhouse now for Cade to at least have an outside escape but I have now been considering what other projects to start preparing for this winter.

One thing I have noticed is that Cade LOVES having customers!  Every time we fill an egg carton up, he gets all excited to know that which of his customers is getting those eggs.  He also loved giving away his extra produce from the garden.

We have been watching shows about farming with different types of farms, not just the ones that grow corn and raise cows like ours.  He has shown some interest in making some leather products like earrings and other small things and also making some candles.

I love that he wants to do these things but also don’t need a houseful of these items.  My question to you is:  Would anyone be willing to be customers for these types of products and are there different products that you may want to see from Cade?  I would really like to have these projects on hand for when it is too dark for Cade to be in the greenhouse but we still need something besides tv and electronics to occupy his time.

We don’t need a ton of orders, but an interest in anything we might have extra to offer would be great to know if they are there.  Otherwise, I will just limit Cade with how many of these items he can make and figure out extra projects for him to work on.

Blessings.  Lynnette

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