Harvest Helpers

Football has come to an end, but the weather has still been pretty mild. The boys have been enjoying the weather and the harvest.

The crew has been picking closer to the house so it has been easier to let the boys go after school. Usually the first thing they ask when they get home from school is “can we go help pick and are they picking today?”.

Cade can not climb into the tractor without help. We just keep helping him to allow him to do what he loves.

It’s not always pretty but we get it done. Cade loves to look down at things from the cab. He always comments about the lower view when I pick him up to go home.

Next weekend is opening weekend for deer season and so today the boys and Brent have been preparing the blind so Case will be able to hunt deer for the first time. He is really excited about it.

We are continuing to work on the greenhouse and chicken coop. We have the metal ordered for the roof and that will be the last improvement to be done besides paint and landscaping.

We set up a thermometer in the greenhouse to gauge the temperature before we start anything in there this winter. We did drill the hole for heating but the effects of that are minimal so I am looking into other options and doing some research. The geothermal hole is probably the only thing we will do for this winter though.

We also started experimenting with indoor activities for this winter. The boys have tried out leather making crafts and really enjoy it.

Next we are attempting to make our own candles and wax melts. I’ll post pictures and results as soon as we have them.

I will also continue to research some different ways for Cade to develop our little homestead we have going. Some of the ideas I have been thinking of will have to wait till next year but should be a fun addition nonetheless.

Blessings. Lynnette

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