Amber Waves of Grain

Harvest continues to roll on here. We are getting closer to being able to be able to family things again. We look out at the fields surrounding our drive home and are now able to see for miles rather than feet. But I can also see myself getting weary.

Harvest is always a busy time with a lot of sacrifice. But I am feeling the effects of DMD more this year. Last year we were still so new to the diagnosis that we didn’t have time to notice all the things that DMD makes harder.

This year though we have adjusted to the diagnosis more so I’m noticing the extra burden that is being carried by our family. I’m noticing how tired I am when Brent gets home that I can hardly have a conversation with him, never mind the fact that this is also the only time we currently have to have any necessary conversations.

I am feeling weary and ready for some normalcy but unfortunately DMD will never allow us to be normal. We have our new normal though and that is fine so maybe I am just ready for Brent to be home so I can have a helper with Cade’s needs.

Tonight it was as if Brent could feel my weariness. He called and asked if I wanted to ride with him and since it is Grandma Tuesday I said yes. It was fun to go instead of just being the delivery driver.

We started what we now refer to as “Grandma Tuesday” about 12 years ago with Cole and it is a tradition that is still going strong. The boys spend the evening with my in-laws. They ride the bus their after school since we are blessed to just live a few miles down the road from them.

On Grandma Tuesday I have to pick up the chore slack though. So I went and check on our sprouts for the chickens. They seem to be progressing nicely.

Then I checked on our lettuce and broccoli. Everything I read had said they were both cold hardy but I have been amazed that the broccoli is still living outside in the the raised garden. The lettuce we are growing inside the greenhouse. Any fresh produce at this point in the year is amazing to me.

Then I had to feed the chickens and check for eggs. This is a two handed job so no pictures there.

After I rode with Brent for a while, I came home to bake some cookies for Sparks tomorrow night.

Now it is time to start getting ready for bed and then up again tomorrow to do it all over again. Such is life for a farm family at harvest.

Blessings. Lynnette

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