O Holy Night

I absolutely love the song “O Holy Night”. Everytime I hear it, it gives me chills. Something about it speaks to my soul. As I was listening to this song the other day, it spoke to me with a renewed passion.

The chorus stuck me the most though, and more specifically the first 4 words of the chorus, “Fall on your knees”. Over this last year and a half, I feel like I have spent a huge majority of my time falling on my knees. I fall to my knees and plead with God to remove this burden that we bear. I fall to my knees and pray for a miracle and cure for this dreaded disease. I fall to my knees and ask for the courage to continue to face this child of mine with the strength that he needs me to have.

I fall…to…my…knees! But in all that time I have spent on my knees, never once have I thought about falling to my knees in praise. But thinking about this song, I need to fall to my knees in praise.

I need to fall to my knees to thank God for allowing us this opportunity to enjoy the small moments in life. We have spent some time this month making gifts for people. Before Duchenne, I would have dreaded a task like this. The time and effort would have been a burden to me. Now the time is a gift for me.

I need to fall to my knees to praise God for all the amazing people that have come into our lives. Without Duchenne, many of the people that have become so important to us would just remain acquaintances. Duchenne changed that for us and we now have an amazing extended family!

Mostly, I just need to remember that the best way for anything in my life is to fall…on…my…knees! Recently, I admitted to Brent that I had been struggling with some anxiety which had led to my irritability at home. I only talked to Brent about this after falling to my knees to God when nothing else had worked. I, however, need to work on not saving the falling to my knees as a last resort.

At first all I could think of was why this too? Don’t we have enough going on in our lives that this could be best left out of it? But there is something here for me to learn. It may not be the easiest of lessons, but I think it was still a lesson. One that I am trying to figure out completely, but one that I will praise God for.

We all need a little reminder now and then that the best road is not always the straightest and smoothest. It’s not about the path. It’s about the journey along the way.

Blessings. Lynnette

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