Candles and Seeds

This past week has been filled with making candles and looking through the seed catalogs we have received.

Tuesday we had my work Christmas party. The boys come along as this is a family event. They do miss Grandma Tuesday but getting to see some friends makes up for it.

Wednesday means Sparks for me and youth group for Cole. Now that harvest is over, Cade gets to stay home with Brent which is a blessing. He is just too tired by the end of the day to go again. It’s also good for Brent and Cade to have some one on one time.

Then on Thursday, we could finally make some candles again. Cade really enjoys making them with me. He likes to help pick the scent blends and the color we make the wax. We made some Thursday and Friday evenings and a few more on Saturday. He wanted to make more tonight but I told him maybe tomorrow!

Then today we finally sat down together to look at the seed catalogs we have received. We have big plans for this coming spring and summer. Hopefully we will even accomplish a few of them!

At least with the candles and the seeds, I have taken Cade’s focus away from adding more animals to our farm! While watching tv the other day, he asked me what animal we were adding to our farm this year. I told him we weren’t adding another type of animal but his suggestion was sheep!

I told him I would work on finding somewhere he could go and try to spin yarn but there were not going to be any sheep in our yard!! Any suggestions to keep his mind off of adding animals will be attempted! With the other plans we have for plants, I know we cannot add any animals. I just have to keep him occupied a little bit longer until he can start playing with the seeds and dirt.

Blessings. Lynnette

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