Freedom for Cade

After we got back from the field trip to Halsey on Friday, our focus shifted to the next task at hand, accessibility for Cade for this summer. We have been having some trouble with a wonderful program that Cade is a part of due to some administrative issues. This program would have helped put in a proper ramp but we can’t wait for administration to get their act together so we built a ramp!

Brent and I went out to gather supplies. Luckily for us, we had access to some free lumber to help defray the cost of having to build the ramp. Then we made a trip to buy the rest of our supplies at the store. We had asked some friends to come help and they showed up and we accomplished this all in an afternoon!

It may not be to code and it may not be a final and permanent solution but Cade is already in love with the freedom this gives him. All we have to do for him now is get the door! When I tucked him in Saturday night, he told me he was so excited about the ramp that he didn’t know if he could be quiet to go to sleep!

It made this mama’s heart so happy! And for that we could never thank these friends of ours enough! They stuck it out through the intermittent rain showers and we got it done.

We are planning on getting the railing up a little later this summer and it will be painted too. But for now we are just enjoying the sound of a happy boy who gets to be a little more normal for the summer.

Blessings. Lynnette

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