Two Years In

Tomorrow will be two years ago that we embarked on this DMD journey. In a lot of ways I feel like I have aged 10 years in 2 years time. We didn’t have any idea of how all consuming this diagnosis would be.

So we numbly dove into research. We researched about medical information that would now be crucial for us to know about Cade. We took notes, read a lot (probably more than we should have), and began to familiarize ourselves with a new language of sorts. We began aquatic therapy and found ways to conserve Cade’s energy.

We then began to think about how we could manage a lifestyle for Cade where he could still accomplish all the things he loves to do. We watched every interest of his and began formulating plans. We noticed his love of gardening and animals and formulated a plan to make an accessible farm for him. And in the midst of all that, Brent and I have even found some hidden interests of our own.

We knew we lived outside the bounds of cement (easier for scooters and wheelchairs) and building regulations. We also recognized that our life consisted of huge equipment and unpredictable animals, but also a boy who has farm life in his DNA as much as his mutation that caused his DMD. I didn’t realize though that his DMD would also make me change what I wear to church in order to assist him with the stairs. I would also rethink my purse I carry. These are things that non-DMD moms don’t consider.

But we have also been consumed with many good things. Brent and I have stood together stronger because of DMD. We have battled the normal statistics that have been thrown at us. We have upped our communication game since there is no way to hide anything when faced with a life-altering diagnosis such as DMD. We now discuss our dreams and goals at length a LOT. It is no longer something you review at the end of a season or before the season begins. It is ever-changing day by day. Some goals are as simple as getting the garden prepped for the season and others are future dreams of a little farm store for Cade to own and run.

While we discuss the dreams and goals we have, we also are more aware of memory making moments. We know that big things can be fun and memorable but also there are little moments such as tolerating the 5 litters of kittens we currently have on the farm. Cade checks on each litter daily. We decide to do things even if they will slightly inconvenience us in the short-term for the long-term benefit. We are even planning some little adventures that will only take an afternoon to accomplish this summer. The one Cade is looking forward to the most is visiting the Backyard Farmer Garden in Lincoln.

We notice a lot more of the beauty of God’s creation and less of the annoyances of everyday life. Things that once were a huge deal to us are just dealt with and then left to be. When we determined to give Cade a life that was as normal as possible for as long as possible, we subconsciously shifted our mindset to be more intentional with our time and talents. We have used this season of our life to (hopefully) display God’s love and bring glory to Him.

So if you are reading this, it is my prayer for you that you take some time to move a little slower and open your eyes a little wider. You never know what adventures might await you!

Blessings. Lynnette

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