Gearing up for Market

We have hit our summer stride and my mind does not think about writing a post until I am in bed and too exhausted! We are doing great and have even started sending Cade out with a video camera or a GoPro so he can video his adventures. I have now figured out how not to delete the videos and have even uploaded a short video to give it a test run.

The videos are on YouTube and you can find them here. I hope to have several more to add now that I know a little about how to do it. Still no editing but that sometimes makes for the best videos. I love to watch them just to hear what Cade might say.

This was taken just a couple of weeks ago and you could barely see the plants. A lot has changed in two weeks.

Gardening has been a fun adventure this year. The weather has been crazy but I think our plants are coming along nicely. Which is good since we start farmers market this week. We will have a few items of produce available but will also have some baked goods along with a few hand crafted items.

We are just really excited (Cade too although he doesn’t show it quite like I do) for this new adventure. I’m hopeful that Cade will begin showing his excitement a little more. He was interviewed this morning for the local newspaper the Gothenburg Leader. I’m excited to see the article about the farmers market come out in the paper. Cade didn’t give any spectacular quotes but he is a pro at posing for the camera!

So if you happen to be in Gothenburg on a Thursday afternoon from 4:30-6:30, come look us up at the farmers market.

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “Gearing up for Market

  1. Your family is teaching us all a lesson that we certainly should all be listening to. I did look Cade up at Farmers Market . I am sure he will be working hard towards next week too. Love & Prayers


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