Fair, Faith, and Farmers Market

So we started off fair officially last week with shooting sports. Cole participated in trap shooting on July 10. He had a great time and did well.

Then we kicked off our inaugural year of Farmers Market on the 11th. It was a hot day but Cade absolutely loved it. He had a blast selling all the stuff we have worked hard on. This year has been slow going for the garden although we are just about to be really busy. Since we didn’t have much produce we supplemented our stand with some baked goods. Cade made the kolaches and I worked on the rest. It was a great turnout and he was excited for this week’s market. We continue to have faith in our little garden providing something of abundance.

Cade and Cole both participated in archery on Saturday the 13th. It was another hot day and Cade was melting fast. He didn’t want to finish all his ends in archery but I persuaded him to try to get a couple more done. While we were down there he decided he could just go ahead and finish out all of his ends. He ended up shooting pretty well for as tired as he was and brought home a blue ribbon! Cole did great too and brought home a purple and a gold medal in his division!

Fast forward a few more days and you land us smack in the middle of excessive heat warnings and calf showing at fair along with the second week of farmers market. We put plans in place to keep Cade as cool as possible but it is really hard to keep that kid away from the animals for too long!

He was in a great mood though and we entered the ring to show his bucket calf. He worked really hard and earned a purple. I posted a couple of videos of how we show a bucket calf on our YouTube channel which you can get to by clicking here.

We head back tomorrow to watch Cole show his market steer in the morning. Then I think I can keep him away from the animals at fair by taking him to get some started pullets tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed that he endures the day well because I was a little nervous already this morning. He usually wakes up when I bring him downstairs. This morning he went straight back to sleep!

Blessings. Lynnette

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