One week ago, I was preparing for farmers market and packing Cade to go spend a few days in Lincoln with his aunt. I kept going along while waiting for Cade’s anxiety to set in.

But the anxiety never came! No questions on how he would get to bed. No questions about how he would be able to get up. No questions about ANYTHING!! Just pure excitement for the time away.

It has been 2 years since he has been able to do anything without a little hesitation or fear. Two Years!

I can ignore the lack of him talking to me or wanting to call me for that carefree nature that has been missing for 2 years!

I could hardly contain the tears when we met to pick him up and he was so excited about his time spent with his aunt. He then wanted to watch YouTube for the ride home. It was like he didn’t even miss us!

A few years ago this would not have even been a noticeable thing for me. But now, I can’t even tell you what it did for my heart!

Thank you Amber and Micah!!

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “Carefree!!

  1. Cade came over to our house while he was in Lincoln. What a sweet and smart boy. Our dog, Lucy, loved him, too. Cade, don’t forget what we told you about Lucy. Haha!


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