The Hunt Is On

Opening day of rifle elk season started off with an eager boy who, after worrying about having to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, was sure awake and ready to go. They put some camouflage on the chair and headed off to get set up.

The night before we had went out spotting and a huge 7 by 7 bull elk. Cade was convinced that was going to be his elk. So they sat in the area they thought gave them the best chance and waited. I know that even though Cade came back without an elk, he was having the time of his life!

The wind picked up really bad and was not in our favor for the evening hunt and so Cole and I stayed back and sent everyone else on their way. Cole then ended up going out spotting with a couple of the other guides. I stayed back and waited for news. No such luck on this hunt either. So we made a game plan for the morning and went to bed.

The next morning Cade was not quite as wide eyed but still got up and headed out. His guide, Frank, took some snacks and that seemed to perk up the issue Cade was having with his eyes. They still didn’t have luck being in the right location so after they came back we headed out for a little shooting practice. After shooting practice, we came back for some breakfast, followed by more planning.

A decision was made to go to the originally planned spot and stay there overnight if necessary. The wind still really wasn’t in our favor so only a minimal amount of people could go out to the blind. They packed a supper and lots of snacks, some headphones and an iPad, and plenty of water and headed out for the hunt. They left about 4:30 and I began my anxious pacing. Cade told me before he left that he was coming back home for supper so we didn’t need to worry about him camping out.

Making a plan!

The elk hadn’t been coming down off the mountain until about 6:45 so I figured we had a while until we would here something. As I was killing some time on my phone, Brent’s phone began calling me about 6:00 pm. It was Cade and he had got an elk! It was a 6 by 6 and he was excited. He said I could come on out to see it. So Cole, another Hunter, and I loaded up and drove over to check it out!

They were taking pictures when we got there and the pictures continued for another ten minutes or so. I was pretty much a hot mess. I couldn’t keep tears from leaking out of my eyes. Words will never be able to expressed how extremely grateful we are.

We have been blessed by many people willing to help make this happen. From Pony Express Chevrolet loaning a pickup to get the chair here, to the Heartland DSC setting this all up and NEA agreeing to let this happen. You all are amazing!

Blessings. Lynnette

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