New Mexico Family

I feel like I could write thousands of words and still never quite be able to describe what we have just experienced this last week. We came down to the lodge as strangers but left as family. I can’t believe that I felt so sad leaving people I have only known for 4 days.

Cade and his guide, Frank, immediately felt connected. Frank was so patient with Cade and kept snacks in his pocket as a little incentive! Cade also fell in love with Linda and would have to visit her frequently in the kitchen. We were blessed to also have Melissa and Corey from the Heartland DSC down there too.

Cade’s hunt went off so well. The day he got his elk, he went out with the plan that they may sleep in the blind to get the elk the next morning. Sandwiches were made, medicine was given, entertainment was charged and off they went. Brent and I had been worried about what would happen if he missed his shot and just wounded the elk. Cade would be incredibly upset if that would happen. Melissa would be his back up but turns out he didn’t need one.

He listened to Frank as the elk began to descend on the field. His thumb was itching to get the all clear to shoot. But he say there and listened.

Finally the go ahead was given and the safety came off! Two hands were now on the gun and the ready stance was taken. His eye went to the scope and he got on target, carefully tracking the elk until the best shot presented itself and Frank said shoot.

The elk paused, walked a few more steps and paused again. Somewhere between the first pause and the second pause the safety was clicked off with the approval of Frank. The second pause came and the shot was sent out from the gun. For what seemed like an eternity, time seemed to move in slow motion. After the shot, time sped back up and everyone watched and held their breath.

Cade reloaded the gun and got back into ready position! But that shot would not be necessary. The elk was going down. Everyone was still watching silently. Then the elk lay down and the cheers erupted.

Cade just about jumped out of the chair with excitement! He had done it! He had shot a bull elk!

In case you don’t want to just read about his hunt, I have the video that Brent took posted here.

To the NEA family, we will never forget this week. We loved meeting all of you and now consider you all family. You blessed us beyond what words can ever describe. We will work on figuring out a time when we can get back to see you all.

Blessings. Lynnette

2 thoughts on “New Mexico Family

  1. Lynette, we were happy to have you all come into our lives as well. We are blessed to have met Cade, to imagine what he is going through and still how he is in high spirits and positive. You are a wonderful woman to have to see your son go through tough times, God picked you to be his momma for a reason. Your love and patience with him, shows deeply. Your whole family are good people and we will always have this memory of how you came into our lives. God bless you all!


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