It’s crazy to think that some days you can lead a fairly normal life with Duchenne, but then out of nowhere, you get blindsided with anxiety and grief.  We have been dealing with some weakening with Cade and I thought that I had it all under control.  Truth is though, that while my interactions and helping of Cade has all started flowing pretty seamlessly, everything else surrounding it has not.

It seems that a whole new set of worries has crept up on us a little faster than we would have liked.  It has hit me like a ton of bricks and it is making me a hot mess!

And now we are heading back for clinic next week and it is our cardiology appointment which always seems to put me on edge.  Plus for cardiology, Cade has to have a cardiac MRI.  While nothing has shown up on his echos and EKGs, this test will be much more detailed and I’m scared.  I know every year that his cardiology appointment always causes me anxiety, yet I am having a terrible time dealing with it.  I’m either grumpy or I have tears in my eyes.  It is extremely frustrating to me.

So Wednesday is Cade’s cardiology appointment.  I am asking all of you to wear your Cade’s Journey shirt or green and say some extra prayers for us.  We could use all the good vibes you can send because I can’t count on me for that!

I plan on taking my computer with me so I can keep you all updated.  But we have 3 days of hospital time and I could use a recommendation of a book or something to occupy my time.  Maybe a show?  I don’t know what it is exactly that I am looking for but I do know I need a distraction!!

And now for a distraction from this not so fun post is the link to the video of Cade’s hunt.  They showed this video at the Heartland DSC banquet.  I hope you enjoy it.  We know we sure did!

Also Cade would want me to remind you to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel found by searching for Journey Farms. We hope to be better at getting some videos this spring and summer!

Blessings.  Lynnette

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