Matter of the Heart

Today I was up long before Cade and Brent. A long time to be alone with my thoughts so I decided to will myself to change my mindset of having extra time to be alone with God.

My heart was definitely trying to betray me during this time but every time I lost focus I just came back to asking God what I am needing to learn. I couldn’t help but keep thinking through the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Bible. I don’t have my study bible with me but I know for certain I need to read those passages again because there is something there for me to learn. But more on that later.

So I finished getting my hair and makeup on and then woke Brent to get in the shower. I then started the process of waking Cade. I think spending more on the motel room to get a suite is what we are going to do from now on. Cade went to sleep so well last night and awoke easily. It does take him some time and some food for him to really get rolling but the start was so much better because of the suite!

When we went down to breakfast we were able to experience a little reminder that God is with us always. The table next to us was a group of girls working on a bible study. It was a nice atmosphere to enjoy our breakfast.

We were also very fortunate that Cade could eat and drink up until check in at 9:00 am! He was still really nervous when we got to the hospital and began the check in process. They have amazing people on staff though that come out and talk to the kiddos before procedures and explain everything to them. This gal stayed with Cade all through the IV process and walked with us down to the MRI room. I absolutely loved it! It was like a tour guide for procedures.

Cade did really well with the MRI! Brent and I got to put paper scrubs on and sit in the room with Cade. I can tell you that it would absolutely be hard for an adult to go through one of those but Cade did his best and only had to redo a couple of the pictures!

Brent, however, did have some trouble following the rules about ear plugs and headphones. They make you wear both because of the noise put out by the MRI machine and Brent didn’t like the headphones. So he started creeping them up his head until the pointed out for all of us to hear that he needed to put them back on. I told Cade he was a better patient than his dad would have been for this.

We did have a break for a couple of hours after that so that we could take our time and grab some lunch. We then found a bench so that Cade could stretch out and relax!

Since Cade had his cardiac MRI this morning, we did not have to have an echocardiogram this time. Made the cardiology appointment progress a lot faster. Still had an EKG though. Then Cade put on the headphones to wait for the doctor to come in.

Doctor came in and said his MRI looked great! No evidence of scar tissue at all! I could have cried I was so relieved. We did decide to up the dosage for his lisinopril since he is not on a steroid. We have a plan in place that I feel completely confident about.

This is the day that Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Blessings. Lynnette

2 thoughts on “Matter of the Heart

  1. Great news Lynette, we all at Heartland DSC are glad to hear a positive report. It is a true fact that dads actually break more rules then kids. ( just saying) Hope you have safe trip back to Nebraska and we hope you all have a great summer. Cole hit the weight room ( I mean the hayfield) and throw a couple thousand bales of hay so you are a machine this coming football season.

    Your Friends,
    Heartland DSC


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