Easter Blessings

This year has come in roaring like a lion and changing everything about life as we know it. I think all of us around here thought that it couldn’t get much worse than 2019 but here we are sitting at our house on Easter, practicing social distancing to do our part!

We know that it would be a very bad situation to expose Cade to this disease but we are also considering all that we may potentially expose without even knowing it. If the CDC started tracing back a diagnosis and it came back to that person having contacted me at some point, I know it would haunt me whether they exposed me or I exposed them! So we have minimized all outside contact to the best of our ability. We have decided to not take any unnecessary risks.

And all that seems fine until we are entering week 4 (I think) and it is now interfering with Easter. Don’t worry, we still didn’t leave our house but we sure wished we could have! And it got me thinking. Nothing about God’s plan for salvation and Jesus dying on the cross was what we had pictured. Just like this Easter.

Starting with Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, nothing was how the Israelites could have imagined would save them. You see in their human, earthly, finite vision, I imagine they were expecting a warrior to come in and overthrow the Roman government. Someone like David to come and save the day. But that is not how Jesus came in, instead He came in peace.

But Easter is not the only reason I began to think about things not being like you had planned. Duchenne also had me thinking about how we could roll with the punches of Covid-19. You see, when a woman becomes pregnant, they start thinking of the infinite possibilities of this new little life. You picture them in a career that they love with a loving family, coming to visit you in your advanced age. You picture holiday gatherings and what their passions may be.

But all those visions changed for us on June 1, 2017. On that day, we learned that Cade would never be a police officer (a career choice of his at one point) or any other career that would require strength or standing or walking. And that family that I had envisioned for him? It may never come to be like I had wished.

And yet with our world now turned upside down, we got up on June 2, 2017 and started plowing a new path with a new vision for the the future. One that we are now enjoying the small things in life. One that we aren’t so focused on the future that we miss out on the present. And just as Jesus accomplished God’s plan and gave us an outcome that far exceeded our wildest imaginations, this interruption in life right now could give us something far beyond our current vision.

So in our new found time at home, we have also been trying out some new things such as cooking videos like the one found at https://youtu.be/QV-CbU7XU6s. Please remember to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel since much to Cade’s dismay I never remember to say that on any of our videos!

We hope this finds you in good health and having a happy and blessed Easter, even if it isn’t what you had imagined it to be like.

Blessings, Lynnette.

One thought on “Easter Blessings

  1. This is something different for all of us, but can only imagine the concerns for you and your family. The rest of us need to respect and honor your concerns because it is our responsibility also. God bless your family and thank God that he will never leave us or forsake us. Love & Prayers


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