It’s All About the People You Meet Along the Way

Today we went to visit a pheasant and game farm and hatchery. Jo had seen something on the news and thought Cade would love a tour. So she messaged place and asked if they did tours. I’m not sure if they normally do or not, but they were willing to let us come. So we loaded up to go visit on a hatch day.

Our first stop was the hatch room! They were busy sorting all the newly hatched chicks. And there were A LOT to sort. They had ringneck pheasant, black pheasants, chukar partridges, and quail. The quail were tiny. And Cade was in love. They were a perfect size for him to hold!

Our next stop was the incubators. Each one held 21,528 eggs! They collect eggs from their hens 3 times a day and bring them in to be washed and placed inside the incubators. When they collect the eggs, they do it all by hand too!

After that we headed out to the pens and took a peek in the brooders. Cade started becoming more talkative and asking questions. The set up they have is amazing. And then we came to the pen with the hens in it. Cade was fascinated that they laid their eggs all over in their pens rather than in nesting boxes like his chickens.

He was having a great time and then the question from Dustin came that would it be all right if he got to take some chicks home with him. I said sure and Cade was beside himself! So we went back to the hatch room to pick out some chicks and load up to get out of the way so they could finish their work. They are quickly becoming Cade’s friends! He is already making plans about keeping some and getting an incubator. We will have to see how that turns out.

While all of this was great, the best part was meeting another group of people that we wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for Duchenne. We have been so blessed by the people we have met and the same could be said for the family that we met today. If nothing else, I am grateful for Duchenne for the people that it has allowed us to meet on our journey. People who are loving and generous and kind and welcoming. People that exemplify the kind of life we are hoping to succeed at living. The kind of people we hope our boys grow up to be. And today we added a new family to that list. To learn more about this amazing family’s story, please visit their website at Double Barrel Game Farm.

Blessings. Lynnette

2 thoughts on “It’s All About the People You Meet Along the Way

  1. I loved this piece, Lynette. It brought back a lot of memories. Does this family do this for a living? Or is it a side job? Very interesting. Bill


  2. I had seen this family on TV also. Cade’s smile is priceless. Will look forward to hearing how his chick project comes along. Thank You Lynette


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