Big Changes!

2020 has really been quite the year. But we have had many amazing things happen in 2020 too. And now we are facing even more big changes too.

To start, we are in the process of getting a Hoyer lift to aid with transfers for Cade. I can still manage everything for now but with Cole being in high school and busy and living on the farm, I can’t always guarantee help is available when I need it. So to allow me to make sure I can do what I need to in order to care for Cade, we decided to get a lift. We are waiting on insurance approval at the moment to get the one that we think would work best for us.

We also knew that we needed to start looking into getting Cade his own custom power chair, but with that cake the need for a new vehicle. Anyone close to me knows I HATE car shopping! I would rather do pretty much anything else. I don’t even like drooling over all the options. I have a couple basic requests and that’s about it.

So I continued to push off getting Cade his chair.

But after discussing with Brent, he urged for us to start the process now for the chair. So I asked for the order and started that process. We have the chair that we want picked out along with the measurements all taken. We are working on paperwork to get it approved with insurance. So all prayers regarding insurance on these two items would be greatly appreciated!

But once we started those processes, I could see the need to get a new vehicle would arrive sooner than I was hoping for. The look of pure joy on Cade’s face as he tested out what his new chair would be able to do told me I needed to get behind vehicle shopping soon.

So I sent out some prayer requests and told Brent I would do my best to not get crabby about it. He had already began looking so he had a little head start on me. Our evenings began to consist of going over styles and features we liked. I made a couple of requests and offered some input as to which style of minivan I liked and things were going pretty smoothly.

We finished up harvest just in time for the playoff football game and decided since it was in Lincoln, it would be a perfect time to go look at some of these vehicles in person. We had discussed before leaving that we would just be looking. I told Brent that all was good and away we went.

Well on the way home, we stopped in Grand Island and found a van that fit our requests. Brent then started talking about test driving and talking numbers. Things got a little fuzzy for me after that! Brent got to see my very physical reaction to the car buying process that is normally hidden by crabbiness (although we have only bought one vehicle as a married couple). That deal was not to be made though and we went home to continue looking.

We started then making a list of the vans that we liked and ranking them in order of preference. Well one popped up that we both liked and the price looked great. So after a couple of nights of discussion, the decision was made to try to purchase this vehicle.

I should have taken a picture before the van was dirty, but I guess that is life on a farm!

This process went so much more smoothly. I didn’t get all fuzzy like the last time! I felt comfortable with the decision we made. So we are now the owners of a new van and have begun the referral process of getting it modified.

While a lot of big changes are occurring at our house, they are all for great reasons. All of this will allow us to have a great quality of life while continuing to do the things we love!

I ask that you please pray for us that all the paperwork and other necessary things fall into place for the other things that are outside of our control. I’ll keep you updated as we continue to hear news on those items.

Blessings. Lynnette

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