Endings and Beginnings

Hope. Hope for the future. That is how I am choosing to begin this post. I have great hope in our future. And while it is going to look radically different for us, I still hold onto hope.

We celebrated the holidays in somewhat different fashion this year. Thanksgiving was very limited but we were so fortunate to be able to celebrate Christmas with several of our local family members. Covid tests were taken by some which allowed us to relax and enjoy some much needed family time.

And while it was not the same, I found myself appreciating what we have and hoping for a bigger and better celebration next year.

One of the biggest things to celebrate came at the end of the year but means a bright new beginning for Cade. He got his new wheelchair. This new chair gives him so much independence inside the house!! It has been absolutely amazing for all of us. We put our insurance to the test and it passed!

Cade’s new spot to watch tv!

We also got a hoyer lift for the house to start using to help with transfers with Cade. While we still need to get used to using it, it will become something we turn to more and more as time goes on. Our house is still in transition phase as we keep figuring out better ways to create a home that Cade can be comfortable and independent in.

I don’t normally take on resolutions for the new year but with Covid, we have noticed some short comings with placement of things within the home. So my resolution is to work on some of those areas and rearrange and reorganize to allow Cade freedom. So if anyone is ever bored and thinks that rearranging and reorganizing someone else’s stuff sounds fun, give me a shout!

With all the endings and beginnings we have going on and with the transition to a new year, we have started examining where we have been putting our hope. We know that our ultimate source of hope is Jesus but some things on Earth can make us hopeful too. Some of those placements have recently been crushed and so we are seeking out other new beginnings. So please pray for us that we can continue to cling to hope and that all our transitions are smooth.

We hope that your family has had a blessed Christmas season.

Blessings. Lynnette

One thought on “Endings and Beginnings

  1. Happy New Year’s guys!! Great chair!! Gotten lots of comments and compliments on your Shirt. One of my favorites!! Wash and wear!! Wash and wear!! Be safe and healthy!!

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