Clinic Time Again

We’ve been kinda busy around here. Both boys had basketball, Cole’s continuing and Cade’s starting after Christmas. Cade decided to be the student manager for the 7th grade basketball team. It was great for him to figure out a way to be included in sports with the other boys in his grade.

We are still trying to figure out how to navigate life in the midst of Covid-19. Cade and Cole are both too young to get the vaccine and so it seems that we are still being extra careful. Brent and I were finally able to get our first dose of the vaccine though so there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s hard to figure out how to navigate this as our friends and family that do not have Duchenne complicating their lives just want things to be back to normal. We are getting used to our “normal” being constantly redefined so the realization has hit me that we may never fit back into their definition of normal. So I’m currently struggling with what that means moving forward. How do you know when you can allow the comfort of others override your need to be cautious when they don’t realize how making that choice to be “comfortable” could change an already shortened life span to an even shorter life span? All because of the need for the old normal and comfort.

I find that during this season of Lent, I’m more aware of the sacrifice of Jesus and our need to be called apart and the loneliness that went with it at times. My perspective has changed on Christianity and the call within those that are Christians and how to reconcile that with the call to “take care of yourself”. I wish I had a nickel for every time I was told “if you’re ‘scared’ of Covid to just stay home”. I could be very rich. While I think there wasn’t intentional harm by those who said it, you do begin to process everything as if you’re constantly being excluded. It’s been a long year and I really wish we could have some of that same flexibility that all others seem to possess.

But enough of that because we have cause for celebration coming up on Sunday! Cade will officially enter his teenage years and turn 13!! We are celebrating with family on Saturday after Cole’s trap meet. The trap meet is another reason to celebrate as last year his entire season was canceled. I will miss the first meet in order to prepare for the party but Brent will take Cole and it will be nice for the trap team to be able to compete.

We do have a prayer request too. We head to clinics next week and it will be cardiology and muscle clinic this time. We ask for prayers that everything will remain relatively stable, especially his heart and lung function. So if you could keep us in your prayers on the 17th and 19th we would appreciate it.

We also have an exciting adventure starting up on Saturdays in May. We will be opening our Farm Store for Cade’s employment and FFA supervised ag experience project. It will be held in a small building behind our house and include baked goods and craft items. We will see what else develops but that is the plan for the time being. We are beginning the process of updating the “shed” and turning it into a nice little retreat of shed. We can’t call it a “she shed” as the men will be in there the majority of the time but it is exciting nonetheless!! Stay tuned for more details.

Well as you can read, I need to get back to work as we have plenty to do in addition. To the chicks, the eggs we are trying to hatch, the pheasants that will be coming this summer, the garden preparation, and the moving of Cade’s bedroom downstairs and the office upstairs. Wish me luck and energy!!

Blessings. Lynnette

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