Muscle Clinic Day

Today we spent all morning in muscle clinic. We start muscle clinic at 8:30 in the morning and it usually ends right at lunch.

Today we saw the physical therapist, the nurse practitioner, the nurse, a doctor, a dietitian, a social worker, an orthotist, and a representative about wheelchairs. The physical therapist came in first and Cade loves to see her. She gives him toys so even though she makes him work, she is still his favorite.

For his physical therapy testing he is slower going up the stairs and needs a bit more assistance getting up off the floor but everything else was stable. He is still flexible too so we don’t have to worry about contractures just yet.

We have been struggling with his night splints causing spots on his right foot.

These are his night splints that he wears to bed to help keep his Achilles stretched out. The orthotist came in and said he would fix it before we left. We had put some foam in his right splint to try to off load the sore area but that still wasn’t working. The orthotist cut a small circular hole in the heel of the plastic on his right splint. This should relieve the pressure from that area but still allow the splints to stretch him out.

Brent said had he known this was an option he would have done that himself! I told him if we have trouble with the left one now then I would allow him to cut a small hole in the plastic of that one.

I forgot to pack the wagon for this trip so while I had already thought there might be a need for Cade to get a manual wheelchair for distances, this point was magnified and confirmed when trying to manage without the wagon.

They also talked to us about a power scooter instead of the manual wheelchair. The benefits of that would be greater independence for Cade. He would not be relying on someone to push him around. The scary side of that is that he is an almost 10 year old boy! We asked for orders for both so that we could decide what will work for us the best. Not sure if my car will fit a scooter and anything else in it and we were hoping to put off a vehicle change for another 3 years if possible.

Cade had another pulmonary function test (PFT) today and he was able to get almost the same scores or better so that was great. He kinda likes taking the PFTs. They have a balloon on the screen that he tries to pop when doing the testing. It makes it fun for him.

We are finished up with clinics for another 6 months so we are relaxing this afternoon and then going to supper with Kevin and Kim! This is a great perk to doctoring our in Denver besides the fact that we love our team that we see.

Blessings. Lynnette

2 thoughts on “Muscle Clinic Day

  1. Lynette: what about one of the metal luggage racks that be attached to the back of your car. That might give you the extra space you need for the wheelchair or scooter.


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