It’s Spring Time (Well Almost)!

With spring comes lots of new growth. It Cade’s favorite time right now. He loves to go with Brent and check for new baby calves.

He is also very excited to get the raised garden built and ready for plants. I don’t think he has narrowed down his plant selection yet, but maybe when he sees how big the bed really is, that will help.

But today is the day that he got a big surprise. I told him that today we are going to go get chicks. I made a brooding box and put it out in the coop. And I now get to take 2 hyped up boys to town to get chicks and supplies!

He helped pick out which ones we were going to get along with some supervision from Mom. So we made our selections, paid for everything and came home to get the new chicks settled in.

I used a couple of boxes I had in the house (thanks to Amazon) and taped them together to become one bigger box. We put the bedding in and put the chicks in, then set up their water dish and food dish, and turned on their heat lamp.

I hope we didn’t forget anything! The box that they are in now will allow me to pull them out and put them somewhere else while I work on the inside of the coop.

I’m guessing that I will find the boys out in the coop playing with the chicks when I come home from work these next couple of days since it is spring break. My house should stay a little cleaner that way!!

I guess we are now officially chicken farmers?!?

Blessings. Lynnette

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